After 37 years providing our dive clubs and casual dive buddies with the option of dive membership, and attractive savings on dive fees, we are sad to notify you that from 01/09/2022 we have withdrawn the dive membership registration and renewal options. Our admin costs have risen sharply to a level significantly in excess of the dive membership fees, particularly in assisting those divers who fail to complete the online process correctly. Therefore, it is simpler to abandon the dive membership scheme, and require divers to show their highest diving certification card or PDF card at the time they book in, and pay a single entry fee.

So from 02/09/2022, the dive fee will be £20 per day, which has not been increased in line with inflation measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in recent years, and still represents very attractive dive fees for the UK’s 2 Oldest National Dive Sites (Dosthill Quarry & Gildenburgh Water) which offer unmatchable water purity, 500 times more pure than the Government’s standards for tap water, and healthy spa-quality water packed with Magnesium, the planet’s most important health mineral.

If you are a current member we will honour your membership, and £5 discount until the expiry date on your PDF member card, but there will be no option to renew thereafter.

If you have recently registered, but have not received a PDF registration card, then we will refund your registration payment.

If you are an independent instructor, or a dive club or school, then call Pauline on 01733 351288 to discuss group rates.